Richard is a skilled business administrator that founded RMS Inc. in 1996, and has since been a leader in the development of cost effective subrogation and revenue systems. Richard understands the health plan, medical facilities, and member/patient needs. Richard has developed a proprietary software system that protects it's clients and allows business operations to function seamlessly with RMS clients.

Richard Womack, MBA

          Founder and Owner 


Margaret Ryan has 20 plus years working in the medical facilities/hospital industry.  Her expertise in insurance billing, patient financial services an subrogation finance makes her a uniquely skilled revenue cycle administrator. Margaret works closely and personally with each of RMS clients to develop the best information systems, operations, communications and financial reporting making sure our clients experience timely and maximized subrogation revenue.




     Margaret Ryan

Director of Facility Recoveries

Recovery Management Systems, Inc.

      Victor Womack

Director of Health Plan Recoveries

Victor has 20 plus years of experience in health plan (Medicare/Medicaid) services both managing and directing claims systems and most recently subrogation recoveries.  He oversees the RMS recovery process from identification to financial reporting, coordinat-ing settlement negotiations and assisting in audit/compliance needs.  Victor is respected in the subrogation industry for his knowledge, participation, and makes sure RMS clients and their members are treated with respect and fairness.

With your data we do it all!  With 20 plus years of experience in casualty recovery RMS has proven its unique and professional abilities within the health care industry. Specifically, to find and recover what others have not reaching the untapped resources of your casualty recovery revenues.  RMS is an SOC and HIPPA compliant corporation that assure to is clients that RMS maintains a high standard of client care and compliance. 

RMS works with its clients to provide an electronic data sharing process that allows RMS to perform casualty claim recoveries seamless to the clients other billing and revenue generating processes. With your electronic data RMS takes care of the rest. Our data management, experience, and secure work environment assures maximum recoveries and a minimal cost.


Recovery Management Systems, Inc. (RMS) is an Arizona based corporation founded in 1996 and is known for its expertise in the arena of "Casualty Claim Recovery" including first party, third party, workers' compensation, and many other medical liability payers. RMS is not a collection, bad debt, an/or any other billing service.  RMS unique process and proprietary data base system brings the confidence and compliance that meets and exceeds health  care industry Standards.  "If it's out there....We will find it!"